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E-MAILS PREFERRED!! Usually I need to research to answer questions or check availability, so emails are better than phone calls.  If we need to chat after that, then we certainly can and I will provide my phone number. Thanks for understanding!  

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(I keep the following paragraph listed because it's the best way to describe what I will continue to sell in the years to come.  I can't add to what Dale originally wrote when we retired to Alaska in 2006.  I have kept this website active but am no longer in business.  I don't buy items, but continue to sell personal items we collected over decades.)  Please see the Resume' page for a bit of background info on the history of Dale Anderson, and the origins of this militaria website. You can be confident in the items you purchase from me, as they were personally picked and purchased by Dale over the past decades.

"We are now retired after nearly 50 years of active sales.  What this naturally means is that we’ve commenced a huge Militaria & Retirement Sale…great deals to be had. HOWEVER, THE REALLY BIG STORY…and what really is more important to you, is that we’ve decided to begin opening boxes, and offering important material from several personal collections, carefully selected over 50 years, and which haven’t seen the light of day in decades.  This material will constantly be added to this website and sections will fill up with items as time allows.  This will include a vast assortment of Military and Sweetheart Jewelry, GAR, Fraternal, Patriotic, Home Front, Remember Pearl Harbor, Ribbons, Pins, Buttons, Badges, Medals, Rings, German items and collectibles of all types.  This is quality, ultra-rare material you won’t believe.  And what we’ve been able to get on the website barely scratches the surface of what is yet to come.  To be candid, it’s like Christmas morning around here when I open these boxes so long in storage, revealing things you simply don’t any longer see offered in catalogs, on the internet, or at antique or gun shows.  We recommend you keep a good watch over our listings for a long time to come.  As good as the variety and selection is now, it can only get better.  Enjoy!"

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Requests for Information
I will do my best to answer questions you may have on any item listed in this website.  However I can not answer the requests for free information, free research and free appraisals on items not owned or offered by me.


PLEASE CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS: Belts, Buckles & Leather, Bracelets, Compacts & Cigarette Cases, Early Wars, Firearms & Edged Weapons, Fraternal, Glassware, Medals & Badges, Necklaces, Pinback Buttons, Pins & Stickpins, Posters & Paper, Mexican War - Civil War, Indian Wars - Span Am War, Uniforms & Headgear, WWI & WWII - Vietnam.   PRICES REDUCED ON EVERYTHING, AND EVERYTHING IS NOW PRICED WAY BELOW ORIGINAL COST IN ALL CASES!!  NEED TO MOVE THESE ITEMS ALONG. PLEASE SCROLL THROUGH AND YOU WILL FIND SOME GREAT BUYS.


 THIS WEBSITE LISTS SOME FANTASTIC ONE-OF-A-KIND ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES at affordable prices!! I hope you'll take some time to go through the many sections.



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